Watch a stunning MIT video of butterfly scales forming inside a chrysalis

A couple who purchased an uninhabitable cottage for their first home have revealed how they were able to transform it into a modern, cosy house for £12,000 – by renovating the entire property themselves.

It’s a hilarious sight if you’ve just flown in from grey and chilly Britain, eager to frolic amid the cheerful nation’s abundant white-sand beaches and sea as smooth as glass.

Stretching south-east from Florida, this dazzling sprinkling of 700 islands and 2,400 cays runs for 760 miles, with its highest point, on Cat Island, a mere 206 ft.

In the summer of 1942, Britain was under mounting pressure from the Russians, fighting a desperate rearguard defence against Hitler on the Eastern Front.

Stalin wanted the Allies to divert German resources by taking action in the west.

Two large black rigid inflatable boats with outboard engines – one severely deflated after making the treacherous 21-mile journey – were towed into harbour shortly afterwards.

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They also returned to star in the sequels Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen, and also in the Coen Brothers movie Burn After Reading. Matt Damon shares he would do an Ocean’s 14 with George…





George Clooney and Brad Pitt sign on for upcoming thriller…

That’s why some shiny insects appear to change color at different angles. 

On butterfly wings, each scale is positioned in such a way that light is uniquely scattered; our eyes take in a specific color associated with that scattering.

Nearly 27,000 migrants have crossed the English Channel so far this year, after more than 900 more completed the crossing on Thursday and Friday last week.

The meagre gains made it all the more important for Mountbatten to magnify Jubilee’s significance.

In this, he was supported by the Canadian high command, who threw their weight behind his efforts.

Costs continued to increase in the third quarter of 2021, although residential solar installers have faced smaller jumps in price than commercial solar providers, Wood Mackenzie found. Still, solar panel shortages “may impact future installations” of residential systems. 

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Timberline Solar Energy Shingles can be nailed directly to the roof.

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